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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Why the Latest Hostgator Coupon is the Best Choice for November 2013

We're already in November 2013 and people starting a new hosting package with Hostgator can save 25% with coupon NOWSAVE25PC. But why is it the best choice of coupon to save money with?

The truth is that when you try to use a discount coupon code during the sign up process for the best in hosting with fast server load times and top quality service, you really want it to be valid and to work first time. After all, your time is valuable and you don't want to waste any of it trying to input am old code that is not valid or just plain won't work!

This coupon: NOWSAVE25PC is valid, tested and works. Simple!

Are There Better Deals Available?

From time to time Hostgator publishes special deals on their hosting packages and I've seen some pretty attractive ones over the years. But you need to be aware of what you're getting with these codes and any others that look too good to be true.

Often, with very big discount codes, like the occasional 40% and 50% deals that you sometimes see offered, they are valid but only give you that discount off your first month's hosting with your chosen plan.

That's fine if you are going for a big dedicated server and you can save half the first month's price because those things are real expensive! But if you're going for a more modest shared account like the popular baby or a small reseller like the Aluminum plan, then half your first month cost is not much of a great deal.

That is, that best hostgator discount code you thought you were using is suddenly not so great when you compare it with a 25% coupon that is valid for the full term of your billing cycle like the one on display in this post and in the right column on this page. Let me explain.

Real Saving on Total Billing Cycle

When you use the coupon printed above to get 25% off the cost at signup, you get that discount on the full price of your hosting for the duration you pay for in one go. So let's say you're going to pay for a full two-year reseller Aluminum plan, which would normally cost $598.80 at today's prices.

When you punch in the coupon, you get that price reduced by 25%, or $149.70 giving you a total cost over two years of $449.10. That works out at $18.72 a month for the next 2 years!

Let's compare that with a 50% off coupon that only gives you that discount for the first month, which is currently $24.95. You'd save $14.43 but after that you'd be paying the full price every month. Not much of a saving compared to the 25% coupon, right?

You Know it Makes Sense!

It just makes perfect sense when you consider the savings in real terms and not just what you can get off the first month! And that includes those insane looking 1c hosting discounts. If you think you're going to get your hosting for 1c a month with that coupon, think again!

It's only 1c for the first month and after that, you pay full cost my friend!

So if you are serious about wanting to save money on web hosting, take a closer look at this 25% off coupon. You can use it for the full billing cycle that you pay for initially and if you are considering paying for a full year, 2 years (or even 3 years on shared hosting plans), you can end up saving yourself a serious wedge of cash!

What's that coupon code again? NOWSAVE25PC

Use it as per the simple instructions you'll find in the right column near the top of this page.


  1. This sounds pretty good, so if I understand what your saying here I can pay for a years hosting up front and I'd save 25% off the price of the whole year with that coupon code?

    1. You got it absolutely right John. It works for resellers (up to two years) and shared plans (up to three years) if you pay for the entire two or three years up front.