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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Save 25 Percent Off Hostgator Hosting with this Coupon Code

Do you like the sound of getting 25% off the cost of hosting your website with the world's best known hosting company? Then read on because you are about to discover a true treasure that is often kept secret from the average Joe.

When it comes to hosting your own website, you should always choose a highly recommended host because not all hosting companies were made equal. Some are cheap, some are expensive (but provide a so-so service) while a certain few provide a truly great service giving you amazing value for your money.

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Hosting

Some of the cheap hosts provide a similarly cheap service and you could find yourself tearing your hair out trying to fix a site that is down more often than it's up. Using a cheap host can end up proving to be a false economy when so much of your valuable time is wasted trying to sort out a plethora of problems you really don't need.

Sure you can save money at the outset with a really cheap host. But you will lose in the long run to numerous server outages that mean your site is offline and not being served to the visitors you need.

Opt for Great Value Hosting

What is great value hosting? It's a host that you pay a fair price for a great service with almost total uptime, great backup service and a support team that can help you with anything related to your website.

Hostgator is one of the oldest and best known web hosting company and their service is second to none. I speak from personal experience, having hosted all my main money making websites with them since early 2007.

Outages are rare as hen's teeth and if I ever had a problem (which is rare), I can get onto live chat and have it fixed fast. Real fast!

This represents great value for the money I pay for the service and I pay it gladly. But in addition to this amazing value a the full price I pay, I as an affiliate of the company am able to offer you something I wish I had at the start:

A 25% discount coupon!

This coupon code literally reduces the cost of that hosting (whichever plan you opt for) by a quarter of the cost! You can see it right there near the top right of this page in big bold orange letters!

All you need to do is copy that code (either highlight it with your mouse and copy it to your computer's clipboard, or write it down!) and then enter it when you go to sign up for your hosting plan at Hostgator. You'll save 25% off the price, guaranteed!

How totally cool is that!

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  1. Nice find man, I think I'll go get me a discounted hosting plan from Hostgator thanks!