Want a valid, working 25% OFF coupon code for any Hostgator hosting plan you can use right now? Well you just found it my friend! Its the real deal!

Below you will find the latest, valid coupon code that will entitle you to save 25% off the cost of any hosting package from the world's best known and best loved hosting company, Hostgator. This is no time sensitive offer, it's a genuine, permanent discount code that guarantees you save a quarter off the price of the hosting package of your choice.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Where to Find the Best Hostgator Discount Code

How bad do you want to save money on web hosting with Hostgator? I show you where to find an amazing 25% discount code off all their hosting plans!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then prepare your self to be amazed!

Take a look over in the right hand column on this page. You might notice a big, bold orange colored bunch of letters and numbers that spells NOWSAVE25PC and looks suspiciously like a discount coupon code.

Guess what? It is exactly that!

How Do I Use the Coupon to Save Money on Hosting?

Copy that code into your computer's clipboard and use it to grab 25% off the cost of any of Hostgator's hosting plans. It is valid for the already super cheap Hatchling Shared plan through all the Reseller plans and right up to their VPS and Dedicated server plans.

Follow the simple instructions below the orange coupon discount code on the right when you go to sign up for your chosen webhosting plan and you're good to go. That means you will save 25 percent off Hostgator hosting no matter which kind of plan you choose.

What if I'm Using a Smart Phone?

If you're reading this on a smart phone and you want to get signed up and use the code, I suggest you write that code on some paper so you don't forget it because it could be extremely valuable to you. Or type it into your scratchpad (or notepad depending on what phone/OS you're using) so you can recall it later when you need it.

However, until the technology for smart phone software improves, you might want to wait until you can get signed up using a full size computer or laptop. That's to avoid mistakes that can be made when using a really small display and tiny touch-typepad!

How Much Money Can I Save?

The amount of cash you can actually save with this discount code depends on the plan you select and the length of time you choose to pay for up front. Obviously, you will save more when you choose a higher cost plan over a longer period.

The best saving comes from choosing a big reseller plan (essential if you want to host a bunch of websites and expect that number to grow) and pay for it over two years. That locks in your saving for the whole period you pay for.

To give you an example of how much you can save, say you chose the popular (and cheapest) Aluminium Reseller Plan over two years. The full price would be $598.80 (works out at $24.95 per month), but with the coupon, it would cost only $449.10 (which works out at just $18.72 per month), a total saving of $149.70!

Where else can you get full spec, top quality, US based reseller hosting for that price?


More information on web hosting and starting an online business can be sourced here: www.sba.gov/content/start-online-business

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How to Save Money on Web Hosting

If you are thinking about getting some web hosting, here's a primer on how to save money by getting the best deals that are available. This information is not just for new site owners looking for a great hosting company that is inexpensive to get their site up on, either.

It's for anyone who is looking at the economics of website ownership!

I'm pretty sure if you have a self hosted website that you're wondering if you can get hosting any cheaper than you're already paying for it, right? Well, I can tell you that if you're paying full price for yours, chances are you can get the same for less. How?

I will tell you!

Reducing Your Hosting Costs

First of all, it depends who you're currently using to host your site. If you're already with Hostgator (I mention their name since this site is pretty biased in favour of those guys), you might have to do some sneaky stuff to get the cost down. But it can be done.

If you are with another host, then you can easily move your site to Hostgator whenever you want and take advantage of our special 25% OFF coupon that is valid for up to 3 years of hosting if you pay all in one go. With a credit card, it makes sense to do it that way because of how much you can save.

To use the coupon, just follow the simple steps explained in the right column of this page.

If you're already a HG customer, you will need to cancel your hosting with them, then take out a new plan using the coupon. If you have two or more sites, it's easier. Because when you set up the new account, use a different domain than you used to set up the one you just cancelled.

Moving a Wordpress Site

Lots of people with their own website opted to set it up on a Wordpress blog, because it's so easy. That's all fine and dandy until you come to want to move it to another host. Then you have to do some work!

But it's not too difficult to move such a site. You need to take a few safety steps first, like backing up the database and keeping a copy of it on your own computer's hard drive. Its also a good idea to copy over your theme (especially if you did some customizing to it) and your images, plugins and any other custom made files.

There are plenty of tutorials online that can take you step by step through moving a Wordpress blog from one host to another. So I won't duplicate that info here, since this blog is dedicated to getting you cheaper hosting, not website building and such.

Save and Prosper

One thing you might not have considered about making a saving on your host's costs and that's in freeing up some finances for re-investing in your site and/or online business associated with it. You see, even a small saving can be used to buy more domains (of you want to spread your online presence wider) or to buy content from and outsourcing venue.

You can also use it to buy software or to buy tutorials on how to maximize your online business or learn new skills like html/css coding or a real programming language like php if you're interested. Or you could simply save the money to renew your existing domain's registration for several years.

How you spend the money you will save by using our discount coupon is up to you. But just having it there to spend is such a great feeling!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Hostgator Coupon 2013 Best Deals

Getting the most up to date coupon code for Hostgator is important because it means you get the latest and best deal the company are offering on hosting. The main reason for this is of course you want to get a code that actually works and not waste time entering an out of date code you got from someplace that doesn't work!

So what is the latest, most up to date working coupon discount code to be offered by Hostgator? Easy: Its the one displayed at the top of the right side column on this page!

What is the Best Deal?

Naturally, you are interested in getting the best deal that is available right now. Why would you want to waste time entering a code for a 10% discount on hosting when you can get a better one that offers a 25% discount?

Simple answer, you would be crazy to go for a lower deal when a higher one exists, right?

Our latest code is a fully functioning, 25% discount off the cost of web hosting with the world's favorite hosting company: Hostgator. That code is valid whether you choose to pay for a month, a year or even a three year hosting package (hint: The three year deal is the best and saves you the most money).

How to Get the Best Discount

Using a coupon code to get a discount off the regular price of web hosting is simple, even if you've never tried it before. All you need to do is follow the easy instructions set out below the code in the column on the right of this page.

To recap, copy the text (all the letters and numbers in orange) which comprise the code to your computer's clipboard. Note: if you don't know how to do that you probably shouldn't be attempting to build and host your own website!

Click the link to the Hostgator official website and choose the plan you want, then click on the button to buy that hosting plan. Fill in the form and paste the code you just copied into the relevant field, then click to verify the code before you click the button to submit your details.

You'll find that the cost displayed on the page changes when you enter the discount code to reflect the cheaper price. Then go ahead and pay for your hosting and pat yourself on the back for a job well done and a nice saving you just made.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Save 25 Percent Off Hostgator Hosting with this Coupon Code

Do you like the sound of getting 25% off the cost of hosting your website with the world's best known hosting company? Then read on because you are about to discover a true treasure that is often kept secret from the average Joe.

When it comes to hosting your own website, you should always choose a highly recommended host because not all hosting companies were made equal. Some are cheap, some are expensive (but provide a so-so service) while a certain few provide a truly great service giving you amazing value for your money.

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Hosting

Some of the cheap hosts provide a similarly cheap service and you could find yourself tearing your hair out trying to fix a site that is down more often than it's up. Using a cheap host can end up proving to be a false economy when so much of your valuable time is wasted trying to sort out a plethora of problems you really don't need.

Sure you can save money at the outset with a really cheap host. But you will lose in the long run to numerous server outages that mean your site is offline and not being served to the visitors you need.

Opt for Great Value Hosting

What is great value hosting? It's a host that you pay a fair price for a great service with almost total uptime, great backup service and a support team that can help you with anything related to your website.

Hostgator is one of the oldest and best known web hosting company and their service is second to none. I speak from personal experience, having hosted all my main money making websites with them since early 2007.

Outages are rare as hen's teeth and if I ever had a problem (which is rare), I can get onto live chat and have it fixed fast. Real fast!

This represents great value for the money I pay for the service and I pay it gladly. But in addition to this amazing value a the full price I pay, I as an affiliate of the company am able to offer you something I wish I had at the start:

A 25% discount coupon!

This coupon code literally reduces the cost of that hosting (whichever plan you opt for) by a quarter of the cost! You can see it right there near the top right of this page in big bold orange letters!

All you need to do is copy that code (either highlight it with your mouse and copy it to your computer's clipboard, or write it down!) and then enter it when you go to sign up for your hosting plan at Hostgator. You'll save 25% off the price, guaranteed!

How totally cool is that!